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Deleted Post On Eligibility


On my initial web post of Sept. 8th - which has since been DELETED - there are still 2 other significant and outstanding issues and we would like to address them again (Since, have not received a private response from the judging group or panel). We had mentioned that we did not see the required “Use Cases” in the app’s demo submitted by the 3rd prize winner and more importantly iOS users have to disclose their private information in order to download any app from the Apple’s App store, thereby compromising anonymity automatically. Both these issues are specifically addressed in the Hackathon Rules and Requirements yet they do not seem to be adhered to in this case.

You can download apps onto an Android phone without giving out any personal info. Apple on the other hand, requires an Apple ID, thereby forcing the end user to give out information about themselves and their phone.

We have copied/pasted Apple's Privacy policy below so you can see what we are referring to as it is stated by Apple expressly.

What personal information we collect

§ When you create an Apple ID, apply for commercial credit, purchase a product, download a software update, register for a class at an Apple Retail Store, contact us or participate in an online survey, we may collect a variety of information, including your name, mailing address, phone number, email address, contact preferences, and credit card information.

As a matter of fact, just a few days ago on Mon, Sept 25th Apple revealed that their App store was hacked!

BOSTON (Reuters) - Apple Inc said on Sunday it is cleaning up its iOS App Store to remove malicious iPhone and iPad programs identified in the first large-scale attack on the popular mobile software outlet.

We have been developing for both Apple and Android app stores for the last several years and have learned the nuances of each. We fully understand that although not every healthcare based app needs to be Federally compliant, the apps submitted to Opioid Overdose Prevention Hackathon are required to be PII Federally compliant.

In our app, we built Twitter and Facebook integrations and we removed them prior to submitting based upon advice from our own team of experts. We feel it is the role of the developer to build and present working and viable apps which conform to specifications.


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    Its now a month since our initial post on these issues. The sponsor or manager has not fully responded to these issues. We found another flaw in the third prize submission. But yet, the manager or sponsor has not addressed the above issues.

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    We have been in contact with the sponsor of this hackathon. They will not address the above issues completely. Sadly, DevPost can not enforce fairness in judging. There is lack of disclosure on judging on criteria stated as requirement to submit a project to the challenge. Fellow developers: check for yourself before submitting projects.

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