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about 7 years ago

More info on How to Submit Your Entry!

Good Day Challenge Participants,

As you prepare your final submissions for entry, we have more information about how you can provide us with access to your solution.

For solutions running on widely available devices or hardware, please allow us to test using one of the following methods:

  • Android solution:Upload an .apk file in the submission form or provide a link for us to download your solution in the “Testing Instructions” field on the submission form.
  • iOS Applications: If your solution is available on the App Store please provide a link in the “Website URL” field on the submission form. If you charge for your app, please also provide a promo code.
  • If your solution is not yet publicly available, send a test build using one of the following methods:
  • Diawi: After uploading your file, Diawi creates a unique short URL to access the installation page (for ex: aBcDeF). When opened in Safari on the iOS device, the page will display a link to install the application. Note that you will need to include provisioning for the UDIDs below.
  • Beta by Crashalytics: Use our testing email ( and User Device Identification Numbers (UDID’s) to provision a build and send us a link via the “Share Links” button. Make sure to also add the testing link to your submission form under “iOS Build Link”.  Beta by Crashalytics is free! Here’s a quick how-to for their Beta Distribution tool.

Pro tip: Make sure you add the UDIDs to your build to speed up the process. All builds need to be received in full before the submission deadline.

Please note that we will provide a later update with the UDIDs to include, and may ask you to provide access for additional UDIDS during the judging review period.

We look forward to testing your submissions!